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A day to celebrate a new bond, cherish those memories and rejoicing together is all that one needs

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Weddings mark new beginnings and anniversaries are a remembrance of that beginning. A day to celebrate a new bond, cherish those memories and rejoicing together is all that one needs. All these moments have something in common, flowers. Flowers are a huge part of weddings and celebrations of any kind in general. At bronx flower shop you will find the best flower arrangements in town, let's take a look

For weddings:

You would need some special flowers that go with your outfits, wedding theme and other flowers at the venue. You would have a bunch of different flowers for the aisle, bridal bouquet and center tables. With a lot of planning and mood boarding one can arrive at the perfect combination of all these flowers around the venue. Here is what we recommend

Bridal Bouquet

You can go with various types of bouquets like nosegay, waterfall, single stem and dome shaped. Get yourself a simple bouquet with a bunch of light colored roses like white or light pink, you can also get ivory roses with snapdragons of the color you prefer. Another option you have is to go with calla lily, a cup shaped flower that stays put and looks eccentric. For a flowy bouquet get some roses, gladiolus, orchids and peonies.

Center piece

To have something as a decor at your tables is a must you would need flowers like gerbera daisies, roses and lilies. Pick a color that goes best with your theme. We recommend pinks, whites with hints of green. Arrange these in clear glass vases for an uplifted look. You can also go with pink stargazer lilies and pink roses.

Flower decor

You will definitely find more spots that need some decor and flowers always come in handy, you can pick dominant flowers that would be the same throughout all the flower arrangements. The best for a wedding are peonies and roses. You can go with Hydrangeas, roses and snapdragons.

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For Anniversaries:

There is once again an endless list of flowers that are appropriate for anniversaries, days when you mark your love, and years of being together. A day to recall all the struggles, all the happy moments together. A flashback of what all has happened, and a fresh start to the upcoming years.

Love is in the air

In this lovely bouquet you will find colors like purple, blue and deep red. The flowers you would need here are red roses, monte casino, and purple alstroemeria. Set these flowers in a vase and add a nice ribbon or bow.

Pastel shades

Patels are always appreciated for their soft tones and soothing effect. Add a pop of color to it to grab some more attention. You will find white hydrangeas, hot pink roses, white roses, mini carnations, pruvian lilies and wax flowers.

Baby pink bouquet

A color which looks really good with flowers, to create this magical piece you would need flowers like pink hydrangeas, hot pink roses, pink alstroemeria and red hypericum berries. Put these in a clear vase lined with leaves. Get these from florist in Bronx, NY 10465.

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